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Dear Lynne,

The Orangeville Music Festival has been a part of my life for 8 years now. For young artists, the festival provides an incredibly kind, friendly, and constructive environment for artistic growth. Your support of young artists like me is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for understanding the difficulties, particularly financially, that can follow musicians, and for offering assistance to young people who are looking to start a career in this difficult field. I used to think that I would end up becoming a scientist or a mathematician because this was a "safe" career, but I finally realized that I simply could not live a life where I was not around music every day. I needed to grab at the chance of doing what I loved. Singing fulfills me and I am so lucky to be able to do it professionally. My goal, in the end, is to be an opera singer, and this is certainly a career that one can only pursue if one is incredibly passionate about music and has a dedicated and proactive attitude.

Thanks so much,
Alexandra Brennan


2014 - From an ODMF Scholarship Recipient
I'd like to thank ODMF for the opportunity to attend the Summer Sizzle Keyboard Kamp.  It was quite an experience and was very enjoyable.      I have been inspired to do some composing myself.
Thank you again, Jonathan Lane-Smith

Pamela Scott, actress, drama instructor, vocal teacher
Director, 2012 Orangeville Music Theatre
The Orangeville District Music Festival made a wonderful contribution to my musicianship as a teenager. It gave me an opportunity to perform under pressure as well as offering me a fresh view of my abilities as a performer. With each entry, I was able to further my skills and to hone my talent in order to ultimately tackle the professional world of music and the judgment that inevitably occurs within it. The Orangeville Music Festival inspires and motivates young musicians while giving them a set of critiques that encourages them to continue their studies, to expect excellence from themselves, and to walk away with a sure sense of pride in their work as a musician. Any promising young musician should seriously consider participating in this incredible experience!

Dear O.D.M.F. Committee,
I'm just writing to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in the festival this year.
I appreciate your cordiality and for being so accommodating when my brother forgot his violin. oops!
I also wanted to let those who were interested to know the results of my performers ARCT exam.  I passed with a mark of 80 and I am quite pleased with what I got.  I just have two more theory exams to do, after which I can get my performers ARCT diploma.
Thank you once again for your encouragement to me through the music festival.
Michael Wulff

Thank you for putting on the music festival.  It was lots of fun playing in the festival and gala.
Thank you for the money that came with the scholarship and the Most Promising Musician Award.  I am donating part of the
money back to the church.
Thanks again for everything!!!
From Callum Boland

Thank you for running the Orangeville Music Festival this year.  I had a fun time participating.
David Price 1999

Thank you for the scholarship.  I was really impressed by the music festival.  I'm glad you will be continuing next year.  I'm sure I will be coming back.  See you then.  Allison Price 1998

Thank you for the piano scholarship.  I really enjoyed playing at your Music Festival.  Thanks for all your time to plan the festival.  I hope I can perform again next year.  Emily Somerville 1998

Thank you so much for running the music competition in Orangeville.  I'm really glad I signed up for the competition because I got a lot of confidence playing there.  I also compared myself to other students and learned a couple of things from them too!  I really liked how I didn't feel a lot of pressure before I went up.  The adjudicator was really helpful too.  I learned a lot of things from her.  The money came in really handy when I went shopping for some clothes.  You'll see me at the piano competition (and maybe the fiddle competition) next year.  You did a great job organizing it.  Thanks again, Jane Lanktree 1998




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